Things fall apart

*** I wanted to say something all morning since I saw this during breakfast (yes, I’m a dork), and am FINALLY on break!***

Certain things that were said to me in Amanda Marcotte’s (in)famous Duke lacrosse thread have floated up here.

I ignored ginmar’s trolling – I ignored her every time she attacked me personally. Her style of conversation is poisonous – I saw not point in responding. I believe that it is precisely that style of conversation that tends to discredit a lot of the things that ginmar tries to get across. I think this entire episode was extremely unfortunate, more so for Amanda than myself.

Amanda’s comments to me in that thread were harsh and, I believe, unfair, though not nearly as vitriolic as anything that ginmar said. I don’t believe that Amanda = ginmar. Neither do I believe that feminists should no longer be taken seriously, or that someone like Amanda deserves to be viciously attacked and raped (I am referring to the hate-mail that has come her way in recent days, of course). I do believe that Amanda should reexamine her style – particularly in regards to how she treats her opponents, if said opponents disagree with her respectfully (no one should have to suffer trolls).

I would like to thank Cathy Young. Not because she lavished me with attention, or because she’s my buddy (well, I don’t know her at all, but she does like fanfic – so let’s give credit where credit is due), but because she fired back at ginmar for something that was an entirely inappropriate, hurtful comment. No one else was going to do it, obviously. I wasn’t going to do it. I am, oddly enough, used to this kind of crap. Maybe I shouldn’t be.

I would also like to thank Ilyka, who stood up for me, and whose blog continues to be an – excuse the Hallmark greeting card style – an inspiration.

I’m done pouting whie simultaneously wading through the bullshit for the day. I’m going to have my coffee. Onward, soldiers.

P.S. I’m not a rape victim. I’ve experienced sexual assault and abuse, but the now equally (in)famous North Carolina definition of rape does not apply to me – in case you’re curious.

2 thoughts on “Things fall apart

  1. Meant to say “thanks yourself!” earlier–I admit I was relieved not to be the only commenter with doubts on that case.

    The equation of Amanda and Ginmar as “two ideologic peas in a pod” by Cathy was stupid, though. I know those two have had their own disagreements in the past and it was sloppy of Young to put Ginmar’s words into Amanda’s mouth.

    As for the rest–eh, I’ll email you.

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