Et tu, Duke Magazine?

They messaged me asking for my picture, I suggested they take one off my Facebook page. They used a picture of Russian actress Natalya Antonova instead. I mean, I get it, I’m the tired mother-of-a-toddler here, but still! I’m allowed to do cardio again! I’m taking iron supplements! *sob*

Also, apparently I’m the deputy editor and the acting editor-in-chief of The Moscow News. At the same time. Makes so much sense.

But, as Humbert Humbert put it, society columns and the like should contain mistakes. And if Humbert Humbert said it, you know it must be true.

P.S. OK, granted, Natalya Antonova is a brunette in that picture, and I also recently became a brunette. It all makes sense. Somehow. A director also recently mistook me for her online and bitched me out for something random, and then apologized. So Duke Magazine is in good company here.

2 thoughts on “Et tu, Duke Magazine?

  1. Whew! I feared that you had submitted the picture to the magazine after a head transplant. It’s usual for that publication to screw up interviews and mangle statements of fact, but this is a new one.

  2. It *is* pretty bizarre of them. Being in the business myself, I know it happens from time to time. I do hope they realize their mistake, though am too lazy to contact them.

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