“The End of the Affair”

Is a personal essay of mine that has just been published on the Common Ties Story Blog.

The essay is a wee bit whiny (like most of my stuff). Nevertheless, I am proud of having been selected, and am honestly honoured to be included in such a fun, diverse group of writers, both aspiring and established. I was charmed by First Shooting Star (and reminded of all the nights my father and I spent looking at meteor showers and making out familiar constellation shapes from the jumble of stars up above), and then there’s the childhood humiliation of Spin the Bottle, and… Well, see for yourself. And bring me my chapstick while you’re at it, ’cause my lips hurt real bad (har har).

Please check out this wonderful project in full.

Thank you, Elizabeth and James.

6 thoughts on ““The End of the Affair”

  1. Congratulations on publishing of your story. It feels very real, heartfelt and yet a bit humorous. I did not think it was “whiny,” you’ve managed to find a good balance.

    The Common Ties project looks interesting. I wish I had something to send them, but everything I wrote was posted on the web at one point or the other and I haven’t written anything new in about a year.

  2. Your paragraph on drinking to avoid the stress really spoke to me as I often perform the same task to achieve the same result.

    Well done and congrats!

  3. As someone else who chose to attend a private school and major in the humanities, let me just say that I feel your pain when it comes to dealing with student loans. You’re an awesome writer and I’m looking forward to reading more of your work in the future.

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