NEW: poetry and essays archive

Dear friends, subscribers, and people who take offense at my Guns n’ Roses references, I wanted to point out that the new poetry and essays archive is now available on this site. It doesn’t contain all of my poetry and essays. Just the stuff that I like most. Yeah, yeah, it’s presumptuous to self-publish poetry.Continue reading “NEW: poetry and essays archive”

Tornado of Shrieking Demon Heads (The Calm the Fuck Down Song)

Calm the fuck down, bitch Calm the fuck down Get it together or get out of town Oh you crave a crisis Just to feel important You’re jerking off again To a tornado Of shrieking demon heads And other fucked-up shit Bitch, calm the fuck down Jump in a lake Sink to the bottom AndContinue reading “Tornado of Shrieking Demon Heads (The Calm the Fuck Down Song)”