7 Points About Writing

Inspired by LitLove.

1. I absolutely hate people who excuse writerly misdeeds by pointing out “but s/he’s an artist!” So bloody what? So because you’re an “artist,” as opposed to, say, a plumber, it’s OK to be perpetually drunk and pretentious and annoying? No! Doesn’t mean I’m never drunk or pretentious or annoying – but neither should I try to excuse any of it by pointing to my long and illustrious history of.. *errr*

2. I think someone out there should give a course entitled “Managing Your Imagination.” George Romero, for example, has a wonderful imagination. As do Stephen King, Kazuo Ishiguro, Margaret Atwood, the writers on “Lost,” and… well, the list goes on. But how do all these people keep their imaginations from driving them insane? How come they’re not in straightjackets, drooling placidly  with a view of a padded wall? Because, damn, the things you imagine can haunt you in the worst ways.

3. As much as I like to write about writing, I will never do it as well as this guy.

4. The only thing that scares me more than the phrase “a writer’s writer” is the possibility of a zombie invasion.

5. I’m not really sure where I stand on the whole “a writer must always keep a journal” issue. It seems that there are two camps, and they are as divided as the Capulets and Montagues, but I can’t make up my mind. I’ve had periods when note-taking in journals seemed as essential as breathing, and periods when it just made my mind wander, causing me to accomplish virtually nothing. I think blogging may be the best form of note-taking for someone like me – it’s instant, electronic, immediate, and always up for review.

6. One of the reasons I like David Eggers has to do with the fact that he at least has the courage to point out that the modern definition of high art is far too narrow.

7. Plot is underrated. Vastly. Almost as vastly (and undeservingly) as sparkling wine from Crimea. There, I said it.

4 thoughts on “7 Points About Writing

  1. I would sign up for the “Managing Your Imagination” course. Maybe S.K. should write a sequel to his “On Writing” book called “On Not Becoming Straightjacketed and Drooling.”

    I’d buy it.

  2. I have to quibble with you about #1. I’m something of a writer too.. if limited to being a mere blogger, a thespian, ok a wannabe and something of an enthusiastic photographer, not good at any of them but having 3 different creative passions should count for something.. and you’re telling me I can’t use it as an excuse to be drunk and annoying? No fair!!

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