“Secret lover” avatar

I have something to admit. I love the phrase “secret lover.” It’s so high school. It also comes in handy when expressing admiration, as in, “that Iker Casillas. What a career he’s had. He’s my secret lover.”

Keeping that in mind, I realized, recently, that one of my favourite paintings completely and utterly captures this phrase:

Picasso's The Dream... And if you take a close look, you'll see exactly what she's dreaming about. Hah.

Speaking of secrets – it’s pretty obvious that when I said that I am not watching the World Cup, I totally lied, right? Right?

Well, I mean, I did make the crucial choice between “sanity” and “football” last night, and ended up de-camping far outside Moscow, where I walked in a field and picked flowers and was told, obligingly, that I just need a braid and a long summer dress to pass for a Vasnetsov sketch.

Vasnetsov is a bit more wholesome than Picasso – but he’s got soul enough to be my other secret lover, for sure.

5 thoughts on ““Secret lover” avatar

  1. I thought i visit my most beloved Stella. How are you? Growing old, alone, geriatric……time to become the worlds most famous cat lady. http://www.google.ca/search?hl=en&rlz=1C1DVCA_enCA327CA362&&sa=X&ei=gJtXTIOLCMWonAeQuNSVCQ&ved=0CB0QvwUoAQ&q=mf+hussain&spell=1

    Speaking of Picasso, check this artist out mf hussein ‘ picaso’ of india.


    See you later my only true love Stella, You are always in my thoughts and dreams. Usally nightmares but still on my mind. Love Ya

    Ps xoxoxoxoxo my tea is getting cold when are you coming toronto. there is a strong Ukrainian community here , you’ll fit right in. So when?

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