Speaking of Violence & Jordan

This is a piece by a young American woman who came to Jordan to study abroad and found herself in a horrific situation one day. Katherine’s story, and how she dealt with what happened to her, makes for fascinating reading. Please note that there is a huge, neon TRIGGER WARNING on this one.

3 thoughts on “Speaking of Violence & Jordan

  1. I was in her study abroad program. We were kinda friendly.

    It was such a shock, to the entire group I’m still upset about it and it was over a year ago. She is an amazing person and much stronger than I think I could be. I remember how we all got text messages from our program director while it was happening and when she was in the hospital because on top of the shock of something happening to “one of us,” until our program director could figure out everything that happened, there was a chance that it was a security risk to all of us.

    I didn’t expect to encounter this story again so vividly.

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