Gaza Protests in Amman

Lots of protests about the latest flare-up in Gaza in town today. I’ve been advised to “steer clear,” but there was one going on in my neighbourhood, and it went alright. No craziness. Just some really angry and frustrated people. I don’t have any words on what to do about, well, any of this, really.Continue reading “Gaza Protests in Amman”

Family? What Family?

“Lecture on domestic violence cancelled over protests it could break up families.” A family where violence is rampant is not a family to begin with. Families are based on mutual trust. I’m not saying that people’s private lives should be all sunshine, all the time. Can a “good” family harbour darkness? Yes, to a degree.Continue reading “Family? What Family?”

The only thing I can say right now is ROT IN JAIL

(trigger warning, ladies and lads) By now, many of your heard about the death of Aqsa Parvez. My sentiments in regards to the people who who did this to her are in the title of this post. My sentiments to the author of the following post on a Facebook group created in memory of ParvezContinue reading “The only thing I can say right now is ROT IN JAIL”