Kyla Pasha and Ali Eteraz: two great writers on Pakistan and more

Kyla Pasha has written something amazing in reaction to today’s terror attacks. And I, as her editor, must plug it of course. But I also really do think it’s just amazing. I thought long and hard about things after publishing that piece. I think you might think long and hard after reading it. Whoever you are.

Another person I’ve worked with, Ali Eteraz, has a memoir out –  “Children of Dust.” It’s a haunting title, because it references Satan mocking God for creating human beings. Gives you a little shiver, like a spider crawling down your arm, thinking about that conversation, whether you believe in God or not. The book just made it onto Oprah’s fall reading list, which is a pretty sweet deal, but it also just goes to show that, hey, dude’s story has a broad appeal. Also, temptation in miniskirts? I am so, so there.

It makes me happy when my friends go forth and slay the dragons of the publishing world, because reminds me of the fact that life isn’t standing still. It’s rapid, and warm and alive.

I feel stuck and marooned in Ukraine right now, cut off from existence, even as existence swirls and bubbles around me. Stray dogs bark. People swear into their cellphones. Girls cry into their fists on the sidewalk. News blares about Lahore. I think about my friends. I’m always thinking about my friends.