First Addie Polk, Now the Rajarams

The thing about financial crises is that they destroy lives. If you think I’m exaggerating, look back at 1929. It wasn’t that long ago, especially when you think about it in terms of how young the United States of America is. When I was living in Durham, NC, having graduated, unable to find a reasonablyContinue reading “First Addie Polk, Now the Rajarams”

Kyle Payne gets jail-time…learns a lesson? Or (surprise!) not?

It was made official a few days ago – Kyle Payne will go to jail. His blog was correctly described by the County Attorney as “narcissistic.” I’m glad that the prosecution saw what we all pretty much saw: a guy making excuses, deeply sorry at the fact that he was caught, and not much else.Continue reading “Kyle Payne gets jail-time…learns a lesson? Or (surprise!) not?”

The Russian Judge, the Sexual Harassment Case, and Some Questions

By now, you may have heard about the Russian judge who said that sexual harassment is needed for the continuation of the human race. Here is a Russian news source that a kind member of the Russian community “Feministki” dug up for me. I noticed a couple of things: the judge is reportedly female. TheContinue reading “The Russian Judge, the Sexual Harassment Case, and Some Questions”

Trafficking: the thing that won’t go away

Please read this New Yorker piece. It’s very informative, and the details it highlights are tragic, heroic, devastating, dirty. You might cry. I kind of did. I’ve read and listened to so many of these stories over the years, but they still make me blubber. One of the things to remember about human trafficking, andContinue reading “Trafficking: the thing that won’t go away”