The Grim Business of Kyle Payne

This week, the feminist blogosphere has been abuzz with news of a blogger named Kyle Payne, an “activist” and so-called champion of survivors of sexual violence who was arrested for invading the privacy of an unconscious woman and apparently asked to leave his university for having child porn on his computer (Gabriel in the commentsContinue reading “The Grim Business of Kyle Payne”

Rape, Prevention, and Victimhood: Inspired by our Russian colleagues

A male member of the Russian LJ community – Feministki – recently tried to establish a line between victim-blaming and victim-advising. He said he was disturbed by discussions surrounding basic safety, and how they either degenerated into either victim-blaming or accusations thereof. Of course, he later admitted that stereotypes got the best of him: hisContinue reading “Rape, Prevention, and Victimhood: Inspired by our Russian colleagues”