Michel Friedman = embarrassment to humanity

His story was not covered in American media, but I found a reference to him on the IMDB message boards for Lilya 4-Ever, one of those films about trafficking that makes you want to cut your heart out with a rusty spoon. The German-language Wikipedia article on the jerk is here. The son of Holocaust survivors (oh the bloody irony), a man involved in German politics, and a TV personality – Friedman raped enslaved Ukrainian women (oh, but you can’t rape some scummy prostitute from a podunk village, right? People like that get what they so richly deserve for daring to be poor and foreign!), and got off with a drug charge.

Ah, “civilization. “

8 thoughts on “Michel Friedman = embarrassment to humanity

  1. Wow… That was very long! I speak German, and used to travel there quite frequently, so I don’t share your assertions. I do, however, agree that too little is being done. I don’t think people care. Sex trade victims are like the untouchables.

  2. What’s the deal on Friedman? I looked over the Wikepedia page, but my German isn’t fluent. His case sounds familiar; can you synopsize?

    Germany is Ground Zero for sex slave abuse of Eastern European females, with legalized prostitution and an estimated 400,000 prostitutes, of whom an estimated 60% are slaves. The majority are from E. Europe. Personally, I don’t think that the Krauts have changed much since 1945; despite the pacifist veneer, at least half still exude that Prussian sense of being entitled “Herrenvolk”. The daily-exercised right to recreationally rape young girls and even children, abroad or at home, is emblematic of this. I visted the Maidanek death camp site in Poland last summer, and I was disturbed to see that although a group of older folks who lived through the war were sombre at the site–one man seated and crying at the crematoria–another, smaller group in their 30s-40s sat on the ledge of the ash heap next to the crematoria, with their backs to the human remains, and were all laughing. These scum bitch about the Americans using power recklessly, yet they do things like this, and listen to their violent, ultra-nationalist Rammstein, and make jokes at parties like “it’s as crowded as the gas chambers at Auschwitz in here” (see the book “Menace in Europe”).

    And PC aside, I think that many Jews see the ‘Natasha’ slave trade as a means of sexual ‘payback’ for the rapes committed by anti-Semites during the tsarist pogroms and the Holocaust. Of course, modern atrocities won’t bring back murdered Jews, are committed against people innocent of the crimes of their ancestors, and may be in most cases committed against the descendants of likewise innocent people. Yet a combination of sexual lust, an urge to exert power and irrational tribal-style vengeance seems to make people of all nationalities wish to perpetuate ethnic and religious violence against the people of other nations or tribes. This often assures future violence against the perpetrators’ own descendants.

    I have read reports by Israeli human rights groups, as well as interviews with traffickers in Israel, that perhaps at least HALF of all Israeli men have paid to have sex with sex slaves in Israel, although the numbers of slaves in Israel have been low compared to other nations (2,000-5,000 per year). This is perhaps the highest per capita rate of any nation, even Thailand. Malarek writes about this in his book. When I studied Russian in Kyiv, I went on a field trip to Uman to see the famous gardens there. On the bus back to Kyiv, a young Ukrainian guy casually mentioned to me that there had been a roadside outdoor brothel along the highway just outside of Uman. When I read in Malarek’s book later that year about the outdoor brothels along the German-Czech border, and just outside of Rome, I was reminded of that anecdote. I doubt that the girls were voluntarily having sex in the open, for passing motorists to see.

    And who were the clientele? I didn’t ask, but I do know that Uman’s small size makes it a bad choice for local clients. But it is the Mecca, if you’ll pardon the expression, of a sect of ultraorthodox Jews, who revere the home of their founder there. You may know that orthodox- and ultraorthodox Jewish precepts forbid having protected sex, or masturbating. So apparently a LOT of orthodox Jews pay to have unprotected sex. The story “For the Relief of Unbearable Urges” deals with this issue. This type of sex is a lot easier, of course, when the woman or girl has no say in the matter, as hundreds of thousands of sex slaves do not…..Malarek quotes Eastern European victims of the sex slave trade in Israel as saying that a third of their rapists were orthodox or ultraorthodox Jews, who typically tucked their sidelocks behind their ears before raping someone.

    I know that this sounds like something out of “Der Sturmer” in the 1930s and 1940s, but think about the planning behind the Holocaust, behind the concocting of WMD and OBL ‘evidence’ before the Iraq invasion, the recent ballistics report suggesting that there might really have been a second gunman in Dallas in 1963: sometimes there really ARE grounds for conspiracy theories. But don’t go out and buy a copy of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. I don’t believe that Jews are ringleaders of human shittiness, but since probably a majority of people in EVERY ethnic and national group are immoral, unethical shits, it’s reasonable to say that the terrible experience of the Holocaust did not turn Jews into people more moral or humane than anyone else, nor could it.

    But we should recognize that these crimes are happening, and demand that the governments and justice systems end them, and punish the participants. Because we have to recognize that people are ALWAYS willing and ready to forgot past crimes against humanity, and ignore current ones. We should also recognize that the more clannish the society, whether it’s a national group, or a social group like a military unit, the more likely it is to have a violent sense of grievance against others, a propensity to use violence to “avenge” past real or imaginary slights or crimes against the group, and usually the active discouragement of redressing or preventing crimes commited by the group or its members. The US military’s chronic inability to punish rapists of female servicemembers, and therefore to discourage future sex crimes against servicewomen, is a non-national example of this. Jews and Germans have suffered at the hands of others through history, and it’s not surprising that they seek “payback”. But no-one in or outside of any national, ethnic or social group should condone tribal-style revenge violence.

    So if world tries to shut down the sex slave trade, the Germans will cry, “Here you are making us look like atrocity-commiters again! Stop judging us through the 1939-45 lense!” And the Jews will cry, “More antiSemitism!” And Turks will cry, “This is libel against the Turks, just like the false allegations of genocide against the Armenians, dating from 1915!” And the government in Dubai will cry, “This is the work of the Jews!”

    Well, tough shit! The world is going to need more international accountability, not less, if violent mass crimes like the sex slave trade, Darfur, etc. are to be prevented or punished. The Europeans complain about the US not signing the Kyoto Accord, even as the EU largely ignores its implementation. But where is the EU, or any nation, on adopting laws against the sex slave trade comparable to those signed by President Bush?

    Forgive me for much passion and digression, but little editing. Greater numbers of writers and activists–and above all results– on this issue, not the eloquence of one or a few writers, is what’s needed.

  3. Oh, and he basically had sex with, i.e. raped, trafficked women. And they testified to this. Unless I’m missing something – my German is getting a bit rusty as well, to be honest, and a damn shame it is.

  4. Alex, you criticize the Germans….what about the American sex trade in places like Olongapao, and
    Angeles City in the Philippines? Not too mention
    Pattaya, Thailand. Those sprawling brothel towns arose to service U.S. servicemens’ sexual needs.
    U.S. jargon for Filipino and Thai women there, was, and still is, L.B.F.M.’s – Little brown f—ing machines.
    Also, care to mention American sex holiday tourists in places like Central , Latin America, and Asia…Hmmm?
    It’s easy to criticize other nationalities. Also I think you are being naive if you think the U.S does not have a sex slave problem (latinos) in it’s own backyard and that it’s occurring exclusively in Europe and the Middle East.
    Sorry, I don’t buy your political racist agenda, nor do I accept your narrow minded and racist logic. I think you have a (big) problem with German people. You need to get over it. And get on with your life, rather than spending your time stirring up a lot of hatred and negative sentiment.

  5. Oh and what about the Brits… I think it’s important to recognize that this is EVERYONE’S problem, and move on from there. I agree with you, Frank. Having been to Germany on numerous occasions, I am shocked by some of the stereotypes that are still out there wherein the Germans are concerned.

  6. Natalia,

    Mention is made in the comments above about Claire Berlinski and her book ‘Menace in Europe’. Take a look at this brief scathing review of her book.

    ***I’ve edited your comment. I don’t like it when people copy and paste large amounts of information into my comments section (I don’t like Claire Berlinski either, but that’s another story). In fact, I’ll go ahead and put that into my commenting policy. Next time, please provide a link. Thanks! :)***

  7. @Alex: “violent, ultra-nationalist Rammstein” – you obviously believe unfounded nonsense if it fits your prejudices. I can’t check your other statements quite as easily, but it’s unlikely that they are more reliable than your beliefs about Rammstein. Please don’t write about stuff that you don’t understand.

  8. I miss Verstand, oh liebe Frank und Christopher. First yes Rammstein and theirs kin
    are exactly and fitt the anotation by Alex. Second ,the comments by Alex are witty
    and troughly , and then if you so alot about some issues, please dont care of what
    they , the others, write but explain your positive weltanschaung ohne weiteres. …
    that is it , now and ever . You poor fritght agression against dont make the case …
    just verify it.

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