Maybe Elizabeth Wurtzel is not OK after all

Or maybe she’s just being consistent with her role as a “everyone’s favorite beautiful mess.” Really now. She thinks she’s bashing “slovenly” people (which is kind of silly in and of itself, unless said “people” are actually your brother, who just showed up to your black-tie wedding with beer-breath and flip-flops), but she’s just bashingContinue reading “Maybe Elizabeth Wurtzel is not OK after all”

Monster in the mirror: insecurity over looks is not awesome, and shouldn’t be required

“At least you guys can wear halters. I’ve got man-shoulders.” – Regina George. “Mean Girls.” That’s me at 13, backstage at the student theater. Looking at this photo 13 years later, I’m struck by how pretty I look. I was a pretty girl. I didn’t know it. In fact, every single time I looked inContinue reading “Monster in the mirror: insecurity over looks is not awesome, and shouldn’t be required”

Beauty is the path

I had a distressing conversation the other day. It went something like this: “Man. I am bummed. I was involved in an exciting project, and now it’s over. And there are, like, hurt feelings on both sides. Bummer. Man.” “Well, considering the fact that you use your looks to get involved in most exciting projects…”Continue reading “Beauty is the path”

A Pretty Cover For The Bones

This one is for Latoya, who reminded me of my love for beautiful TLC and Mary J. Blige. My mother has always insisted to me that I am pretty. This went beyond the regular “my child is simply darling” outlook that most parents have to some extent. No, my mother insisted she saw something inContinue reading “A Pretty Cover For The Bones”

A little bit of poetry, because the world is hard

Not from me, but from a much more gifted individual – Mr. Sim Stafford. This poem “Untouched It,” is probably one of the most beautiful things I’ve had the honour to publish so far. Here’s a music video to one of my favourite songs, a song I used to listen to on repeat in theContinue reading “A little bit of poetry, because the world is hard”