The mandatory feel-good animated gifs post

Because I’ve been in trouble as of late – for serious this time – I thought I’d put together this post, both for myself and for anyone who has wandered by this blog in search of some sort of comfort (I have no idea why you’d look for it here, but it’s true that weContinue reading “The mandatory feel-good animated gifs post”

Gratuitous Hot Man-Butt Of the Week

Is brought to you by Stephen Moyer and the lush, goofy, awesome wickedness of “True Blood.” For more gratuitous hotness, check out the Top 10 Male Nude Scenes of 2008 (how could I have missed this before? Bad, very bad of me. A true disappointment to the followers of the “Harem”). I’m just glad thatContinue reading “Gratuitous Hot Man-Butt Of the Week”