LOST: “Jears. Jears on the side of my face.”

I want to say that I haven’t been writing about “Lost” because I haven’t had the time, but if I’m honest with myself and with you, I’ll have to say that I haven’t been writing about “Lost” because it’s like a love affair coming to an end, like something out of Graham Greene, the sort of relationship people overhear about in restaurants and pause with their food halfway to their mouths and stare, and, well…

I’ve never felt the “OMG a show I love is coming to an end” thing with such epic force before. “Six Feet Under” was monumental, but life forced me to wander away from it, and I only ended up catching up when I was already living in Dubai. “Inspector Morse” & “Star Trek: TNG” were introduced into my life sporadically. I’ll never forget the night we all watched the end of “Sex & the City” in Anna & Mary’s dorm room, but I wasn’t nearly as sentimental toward that show. I didn’t get it when an entire country freaked about “Seinfeld.” And as for “The X-Files,” if I get started on how that show wound up, I just might end up on the other side of town, possibly in Khimki, sobbing outside a beer kiosk with some contract roofers at 4 a.m. The phrase “mercy killing” even rings hollow at this point.

So this? This is pretty much new to me. My soul feels like its been clubbed in the knee-caps.

5 thoughts on “LOST: “Jears. Jears on the side of my face.”

  1. I agree with you, but never forget : They can take our life, but never will take our freedom !!!

  2. I seem to remember being slightly upset about Twin Peaks bowing out after two years, especially when cheesedicks would tell me that Northern Exposure was a cute, quirky replacement. As for why Charlie from Party of Five inspires such devotion, I’ll never know.

  3. Man, when Nate on Six Feet Under died I cried like he was my real brother. And I, the most obsessed Lostfan in the universe, totally agree with you about it ending as well.

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