Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” video features Nemiroff vodka


… And that’s all I really noticed here.

Not really, no. This is so delightfully creepy. I love it when she’s when she’s wearing something that resembles a chandelier popular with Soviet grandmas. And the ending is awesome, so you have to watch the entire thing. Her being auctioned off kinda makes me think of the human trafficking angle. And then, boom.

I love women who are sexy and weird. They make life more interesting.

14 thoughts on “Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” video features Nemiroff vodka

  1. I adore that girl – she’s as mad as a snake, which is exactly what pop needs right now to wash away the beige! Haha. If anyone is entitled to inherit Madonna’s crown, it’s her.

  2. It is definitely sliding into the fashion world and bringing out the unusual. Cant help but feel intrigued throughout the whole video -which is a good thing.

  3. You mentioned the other day on feministe, I think, about the sex-slavery aspect – and here is a behind the scenes thing where the director says that – yep – it’s an auction…

  4. I do hope that Lady Gaga’s accountants will reveal how much she received from Nemrioff to feature their rather bland vodka in this 80’s disco, which sounds like something I would have danced to at Heaven c. 1984.

  5. I definately agree that she is the one to inherit Madonna’s crown. Madonna thinks so, too! LOVE HER! It’s us Girls from Westchester! Gotta love us!

  6. Having worked in a liquor store & imbibing my fair share, I was curious 2 know if this was a real vodka. Now I know. I love the Gaga & really want 2 try the vodka. Does it really come in a bottle like that?

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