Aw. You guys. Jeremy Renner liked Amman.

It’s odd for me to hear Letterman ask if Jordan was “foreboding.” I keep forgetting that many Americans view the Middle East as a generally horrifying place. It’s really unfortunate, particularly in the case of a country like Jordan, because it’s so beautiful. And yes, it was tough as hell on me, I didn’t likeContinue reading “Aw. You guys. Jeremy Renner liked Amman.”

Beautiful People, the “beauty won’t save the world, but it will come pretty damn close” edition

For Dad. Happy Birthday. The ice outside looks like whale blubber. Nobody is cleaning it up, because that’s something that people in civilized countries do, and it’s not like we can have anyone forgetting where it is they live. It would be vastly unpatriotic, etc. I don’t have any ambitions to prevent myself from fallingContinue reading “Beautiful People, the “beauty won’t save the world, but it will come pretty damn close” edition”

In honour of the scheduled Blu-ray release of LotR

(Yeah, I know it’s not the Extended Edition yet, and that they’re milking this for all its worth, but human beings need to take happiness where they can get it) I present you with epicness: Pretty boys together, just as they should be. Always. I’ll never forget the winter I saw FotR seven times. IContinue reading “In honour of the scheduled Blu-ray release of LotR”

Comfort food: WP Inman, Enya

I only really like Jude Law in “Cold Mountain,” where he’s mostly bleeding from bullet holes: Maybe I’m secretly a sadist. “Cold Mountain” wasn’t that terrific of a movie, so I’m not sure why it is that I always come back to it. Pathos? Rednecks? Your guess is as good as mine. My other comfortContinue reading “Comfort food: WP Inman, Enya”