Comfort food: WP Inman, Enya

I only really like Jude Law in “Cold Mountain,” where he’s mostly bleeding from bullet holes:


Maybe I’m secretly a sadist. “Cold Mountain” wasn’t that terrific of a movie, so I’m not sure why it is that I always come back to it. Pathos? Rednecks? Your guess is as good as mine.

My other comfort food today is Enya. Haters, go ahead and hate. Enya in the background is great for writer’s block, especially if you’re writing something that jars horribly with the dippy New Age stuff. I could never write bad fantasy to the accompaniment of Enya. Graphic descriptions of violence, on the other hand, work out dandy.

As for everything else — as for the weather, as for the events and non-events of this week — there’s one thing to say:


6 thoughts on “Comfort food: WP Inman, Enya

  1. Apparently the book is far better than the movie of ‘Cold Mountain’ although I have to say I haven’t seen/read either.

  2. Well, whilst my Mum and I have pretty diverse tastes in reading matter (we agree on Dean Koontz and John Grisham) she doesn’t read any crap, and she loved it so I think it might be good.

  3. It was more than a decent book.

    Being a free woman has got to be grand, and I hope you enjoy, but being MY woman is grander.


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