“Ave Caesar morituri te salutant”

I flipped the lights on in the bathroom today, and was greeted with this:

I have decided to name him Nemo.

Nemo, I’m sorry.

7 thoughts on ““Ave Caesar morituri te salutant”

  1. Ha! You named him. He can’t die now. 😛

    Seriously, can you do what people do with dead hamsters to avoid distressing their children in reverse? Take him to a safe place and by a dead one from the market, letting your family think you’ve been oh-so helpful in preparing it?

    We must save Nemo! *

    *Says she who had salmon fillet in garlic butter for tea 😛

  2. @Gaina

    Then Natalia can write a screenplay called “Eating Nemo” as a metaphor for putting men in their place.:)

    More seriously: If, in the previous month, I myself have been that kind of Nemo who deserves to be ‘eaten,’ then I apologize. I will keep myself in check from now on.

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