Aw. You guys. Jeremy Renner liked Amman.

It’s odd for me to hear Letterman ask if Jordan was “foreboding.” I keep forgetting that many Americans view the Middle East as a generally horrifying place. It’s really unfortunate, particularly in the case of a country like Jordan, because it’s so beautiful. And yes, it was tough as hell on me, I didn’t like living there, I didn’t like the kind of negative attention I got as a foreign woman, and I did run away, far away, but for a male visitor in particular, Jordan is anything but “foreboding,” I think.

In other news, that is one hell of a deserved Academy Award nomination right there.

Intense “28 Weeks”-era Jeremy Renner agrees. Speaking of intense, this guy has never been in a romantic comedy, I don’t think. Let’s hope he never will be in a romantic comedy. (Not that romantic comedies are bad on principle, but come on, the last good one I saw was “My Best Friend’s Wedding.” I didn’t even have a driving license back then.)

5 thoughts on “Aw. You guys. Jeremy Renner liked Amman.

  1. That is kind of an odd word to use, especially for Jordan. But I’ll stick up for my country a little bit here. Were very diverse, so believe it or not, I’d probably say were maybe a little below average on the Mideast xenophobia scale in relation to many other countries. But anyway, the “Hurt Locker” is awesome! He straight-up carried that movie all by himself. btw, are you trying to say that “My Best Friends Wedding” is better than “Wedding Crashers?” Blasphemy!!!

  2. Well, as an American, I don’t believe I was bashing the United States. But I also believe that the majority of Americans have weird ideas about the Middle East – not even necessarily xenophobic ones (I think it’s only human nature to generalize about places you haven’t been to, I think most people do it to one extent or another).

  3. Hello! I was just poking around a bit. That was Quick! I haven’t even gone to bed yet! Anyway, I know your weren’t bashing, because we are a quite weird lot aren’t we? As for romcon’s, that’s one. Right?

  4. 125 Degrees?! Bullsh_t!
    I lived there for 4 months, rarely did get above 90F on the hottest summers.

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