We have a saying in Russian

“The weather whispers – borrow some money and go get high.” (Погода шепчет – займи и уколись) This morning, though, the weather is whispering something more like – “Take some time off and stay the bloody hell at home.” I think that hardly anyone is going to show up for work today (apparently, we’re gettingContinue reading “We have a saying in Russian”

Rock. My. Face. Off.

Some movies you anticipate as though you’re back at sixteen years of age, anticipating a life of collegiate debauchery. I mean, seriously. I mean, for real. I mean, holy fucking shit, “Spaaartaaans!” A lot of my contemporaries are weary of these kinds of films. They deconstruct the gleaming outcroppings of abdominal muscle on the sword-waving/spear-throwingContinue reading “Rock. My. Face. Off.”

Let’s Hear It For the Boy

My boss might think that Chelsea are “just like the Yankees now,” but, if anything, my soft spot for the boys in blue has grown even more considerable. He has not had a sparkling season, but my lad Andriy was in top form today, as Chelsea found itself at the top of Champions League GroupContinue reading “Let’s Hear It For the Boy”