Our Boy

Jenia solved a serious problem in figure-skating: It. Takes. Itself. Too. Serously. Screw the theory of relativity – this is real achievement right here.

I can’t believe it took me 6 years to see such genius at work, and I thank Hareega for bringing it to my attention here.

If lapushkas like this can go on to win gold at the Olympics, there must be something right with this world.

7 thoughts on “Our Boy

  1. He’s totally getting a 6.0 for artistic impression from me. Now if the ladies would follow suit, my wife and I would both have a reason to watch figure skating.

  2. I’m a big figure skating fan (watching the European championships this week), so I’ve seen this performance several times – and I never tire of it! I do recall some memorable and very funny past performances; that’s the reason I love to watch the final shows. They’re much more relaxed than the competitions! Thanks for this wonderful link.

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