I can out-drool Ali Eteraz

Blogger-buddy Ali sometimes comes under fire for showing his appreciation for women he deems attractive. In another post, Ali writes of said appreciation thus: …there is a fine line between visual appreciation and aesthetic worship celebration of a woman… and all out mauling and attacking of her actual physical body. I believe the former isContinue reading “I can out-drool Ali Eteraz”

On a hot Marxist we know

On a lighter note: Because I need to laugh, dammit “hey frend, you is marxist, plees share yourself with everybody.” – Anna. Indeed. If you’re hot, and you’re a Marxist, you need to learn to spread the wealth. Not everyone on this good Earth was priveleged enough to be born with stunning eyes and chiseledContinue reading “On a hot Marxist we know”

Because this is more fun than writing my own reviews

Oh what the hell – I’ll link to Stephanie Zacharek’s review of “300.” The world may wonder which character in this computer-generated extravaganza is President Bush’s stand-in — but that’s the wrong question to ask. Yes. But the film has a poreless, waxen quality, as if all sensuality had been P.airbrushed out of it: TheContinue reading “Because this is more fun than writing my own reviews”