Renfro, Ledger, It’s Been Nice

I was in the middle of writing Heath Ledger’s obit when I realized that Brad Renfro died last week. Somehow, I had missed the news of Renfro’s death. Two of my teenage crushes gone in one fell swoop. Bizarrely, I had their pictures tacked up side-by-side on my closet door at one point. My bedroomContinue reading “Renfro, Ledger, It’s Been Nice”

Post me some pictures of Beautiful Women

One of the most popular posts in the Russian blogosphere (hipsters have warned me to stay away from the word “blogosphere” – I warn hipsters to stay away from me) as of late was a simple “post pictures of women you consider beautiful” on some dude’s LiveJournal. The author later revealed that he was bettingContinue reading “Post me some pictures of Beautiful Women”