And the best thing about 28 Weeks Later


*drumroll please*

… The Sublime Paradox, the Rugged Babyface, the Man who Once Managed to Make Dahmer Look Bleedin’ Gorgeous: Mr. Jeremy Renner.


Mr. Renner is a California boy. Or man, actually, considering how thoroughly badass he can be.

His place in our harem was booked and paid for with the wink you may notice at on your left. The wink makes the movie. It’s one of the few reasons why I will go on record as saying that “28 Weeks Later” was not a completely painful experience (horror films get to me – I’m a whiny little girlie girl who needs someone with biceps to rescue me from the ensuing nightmares, I’ll admit as much right now).

Mr. Renner makes the sublime Ms. Theron (with whom he co-starred in “North Country”) look like a mercy prom date. OK, just kidding. But still. He is as hot as she is. Which is really saying something.

Mr. Renner is not polished, or boring, and he did not come off any particular conveyor belt. He likes to sing and his teeth are not perfect. He represents for all of us blue-eyed babes out there.

Mr. Renner and his ilk are just one reason that I shall be pining for the States, all the long highways, and all the boys living in the towns in between.

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