Beautiful People, the Older Women Are Hawt Edition

It’s getting cold around here, especially at night. Soon, we are going to an even colder place – the place of my birth, where there is snow, and prowling skinheads, and a purring kitteh on the window, and rose-patterned bedsheets, and my mother and wonderful aunts and grandmothers. I’m in the mood for mulled wineContinue reading “Beautiful People, the Older Women Are Hawt Edition”

Some further points on Gerard Butler (since enquiring minds want to know)

1. For the last time: I do NOT know him. It would be nice if I did, if only because I’m sure he’s full of tips on how to get great abs, but I don’t. 2. Yes, I consider myself a Gerard Butler fan. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t need anyone’s approval inContinue reading “Some further points on Gerard Butler (since enquiring minds want to know)”

Dear Dumbass: No, I am not stealing “your man,” Gerard Butler

So, like, you know, I keep up with the search-terms on this blog. Recently, I noticed that I’ve been getting a lot of hits off of the name “Gerard Butler.” There’s no conspiracy going on here: I’ve featured Gerard, and, coincidentally, people are now searching for Gerard, because “RockNRolla” is out. Nothing out of theContinue reading “Dear Dumbass: No, I am not stealing “your man,” Gerard Butler”

Got a Bit of Hank Moody In Me

Not in the way you’re thinking, you degenerate. Showtime series “‘Californication,” responsible for the second Golden Globe of David Duchovny’s career (if you have to ask what the first one was for, just… OK, you’re reading the wrong blog. OK?), basically suggests that half of LA is comprised of naked or nearly-naked women whose greatestContinue reading “Got a Bit of Hank Moody In Me”

In Sexxxayfunfeminist Land, Where the Shadows Lie

Renegade has two very beautiful posts up just now, here and here. She has incredible strength: in every muscle, and every thought and deed. Words and images are rarely more profound than this. And Jill has given us another form of beauty – this one a bit more frou-frou but no less classic. As forContinue reading “In Sexxxayfunfeminist Land, Where the Shadows Lie”