Some further points on Gerard Butler (since enquiring minds want to know)

1. For the last time: I do NOT know him. It would be nice if I did, if only because I’m sure he’s full of tips on how to get great abs, but I don’t.

2. Yes, I consider myself a Gerard Butler fan. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t need anyone’s approval in the matter.

3. No, I won’t publish rambling comments that accuse me of “scretly [sic] dating” him. Yes, that’s censorship. I am happy to practice it against all people who are apparently bored enough to flood my site with poorly spelled innuendo.

4. Yes, “300” was a great movie. It broke every single rule that separates a great movie from a truly terrible one, and I still enjoyed it tremendously. I don’t care what anyone thinks. Lalalalala. Can’t hear you.

5. I’m not single. Haven’t been since I was a teenager (weird, when you think about it like that). Trying to tell me that I’m just “desperate to settle down” and hence pursuing Gerard is especially precious in this context. I’ve been settled like a mother hen since the days I was still convinced that drinking “diesels” (not to be confused with diesel) was a good and cheap way to have fun on a Friday night. Anything can happen, but even then, I’d like to think that I shall weather the storm without chasing famous people out of some misguided sense that because I saw them on the TV screen, they belong to me.

6. Get a life. Do something other with your time than worry about who posts what on Gerard Butler on the internet. The world is a big place. There are penguins to pet (before they become extinct that is) and embarrassing YouTube videos to create. Go to it. Seriously.

7 thoughts on “Some further points on Gerard Butler (since enquiring minds want to know)

  1. I love your posts, and what you write about Gerry. Thank you for being blunt and to the point. No, we don’t need ANYONE’s approval to be a fan of Gerard Butler, even his. hahaha And YES 300 was a fabulous, aesthetically pleasing movie in many ways – and I mean the cinamatography as well. I am proud to be a 40-something fangirl; I just don’t have to prove myself to anyone. Thanks for posting. Keep it up!

  2. Hey, 300 was great for what it was, a true throwback to the 80s action film. I haven’t seen fascism and homoeroticism combined so seamlessly since “Commando”.

  3. Hells yeah, Commando is one of my favorite movies. Bennet has to be the best 80s villains there is. What I love is that Vernon Wells, for no apparent reason, plays him as a leather daddy the whole time. I can understand how he ended up looking like he escaped from an S&M dungeon in The Road Warrior but in Commando it’s such a great, unaddressed WTF element. He even has a Freddie Mercury mustache. Arnold looks like he could tear me in half even when he’s prancing around in a pink polo shirt tucked into white shorts. The hotel fight with Bill Duke is awesome. And only a man with Arnold’s unique mid-80s accent and diction can deliver some of his great lines.

    “Remember I said I would kill you last?”

    “Thats right Matrix, you did.”

    “I lied.”


    “Come on Bennet, stop screwing around and let the girl go, it’s me that you want. You can beat me, I have only one arm. Come on Bennet, throw away that chickenshit gun. You don’t want to pull the trigger, STICK A KNIFE IN ME and look me in the eyes and see what’s going on in there when you turn it, that’s what you want to do. Come on, Bennet, don’t deprive yourself of some pleasure, lets party”

    I really need to see a psychiatrist.

    Oh, and liked 300 (with the crack about “Athenian boy-lovers”), Commando even throws out a quick homophobic slur to redirect attention from all the guy-guy tension, when Arnold opines that Boy George should be called “Girl George”. Man, the more I think about it, the more 300 is clearly heir to Commando’s throne.

  4. I’ve been on vacation for a while and thus missed this broughhaha, but I am a very married woman and adore, ADORE, Gerard Butler. I don’t know any woman who doesn’t. Write away about him!

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