By Popular Request: the Triumphant Return of Mark Wahlberg and Ewan McGregor

I’ve been reminded that for all of the blathering about sexxxay, sexxxay men that I engage in around here, I haven’t been providing my readers with a whole lot of practical ogling options. Well, Stephen Moyer is featured below, and now it’s time for a return to my fangirl roots, with a few notes onContinue reading “By Popular Request: the Triumphant Return of Mark Wahlberg and Ewan McGregor”

Beautiful People, the Older Women Are Hawt Edition

It’s getting cold around here, especially at night. Soon, we are going to an even colder place – the place of my birth, where there is snow, and prowling skinheads, and a purring kitteh on the window, and rose-patterned bedsheets, and my mother and wonderful aunts and grandmothers. I’m in the mood for mulled wineContinue reading “Beautiful People, the Older Women Are Hawt Edition”

Questing for Pictures of Gorgeous Men

On most weeks, one of the most popular posts on this blog is the Beautiful Women post. It was by no means meant to be exhaustive, but I had fun putting it together and reading the different responses. I might do Beautiful Women Part Two in the future, but until then, I’d like to focusContinue reading “Questing for Pictures of Gorgeous Men”