A vanity picture post in which Natalia goes back to her roots

Blond roots, to be precise. I was born a platinum blonde, grew darker over the years, and have recently been dyeing my hair something called “mahogany brown” (with occasional forays into “auburn sunset”). Now I’ve decided that it’s time to reclaim my blonde ambition. I like this picture because the computer screen is reflected inContinue reading “A vanity picture post in which Natalia goes back to her roots”

Vanity: pictures of Natalia Antonova (me)

This is for everyone who thinks my blog is shallow. Haw haw. OK, I’m beset by evil saber-toothed cockroaches, I dreamed of going to Kiev this month and reading Akhmatova among the tulips, and now that this didn’t work out, I am sad, and have writer’s block, and feel like being vain. I also wishContinue reading “Vanity: pictures of Natalia Antonova (me)”

Pictures of Beautiful People, the May Edition

May is my favourite month. May is my favourite month in Kyiv, specifically. It’s a month of rain, birdsong, and violets. I am not there to witness rain, birdsong, and violets. Instead I’m busy smashing cockroach guts all over the bathroom floor in Amman. I’d like to say that I am handling this humbling experienceContinue reading “Pictures of Beautiful People, the May Edition”

Kyiv At Dusk

Pictures here. Thank you, LJ user ked-pled. This is Kiev the way I see it: brittle around the edges, burdened by its history, a little sleepy, shadowy around the eyes, and shaped like love is shaped – with blunt lines and soft rays of light. On evenings like this, you can smell your neighbours’ badContinue reading “Kyiv At Dusk”

Questing for Pictures of Gorgeous Men

On most weeks, one of the most popular posts on this blog is the Beautiful Women post. It was by no means meant to be exhaustive, but I had fun putting it together and reading the different responses. I might do Beautiful Women Part Two in the future, but until then, I’d like to focusContinue reading “Questing for Pictures of Gorgeous Men”