Pictures of Beautiful People, the May Edition

May is my favourite month. May is my favourite month in Kyiv, specifically. It’s a month of rain, birdsong, and violets. I am not there to witness rain, birdsong, and violets. Instead I’m busy smashing cockroach guts all over the bathroom floor in Amman.

I’d like to say that I am handling this humbling experience well, you know, learning important lessons about the way the world works while learning the topography of the insides of a cockroach. Deriving an all-encompassing metaphor about the transience of life: one minute the cockroach is scuttling, the next minute he is a mass of crumpled exoskeleton and pus (cockroaches being, of course, one part exoskeleton, one part pus, and one part pure unholy evil). Who needs violets when you have the eternal wisdom of splattered corpses waiting to be scraped off of the bottom of a shoe?

I’m trying really hard to convince myself here.




I’ve nothing to get by on except for pictures of beautiful people. This is the May edition – dedicated to elemental beauty, timeless as nature.

Helen Mirren (is a goddess with Russian roots – from, appropriately, Sexy Celebrity Photo Galleries):

Whitney Thompson, winner of Cycle 10 of America’s Next Top Model (the show is like crack, and Whitney is easily my favourite addiction – she is old glamour. From CW. ):

Mark Dacascos and Samuel le Bihan, from one of my favourite movies, “The Brotherhood of the Wolf” (from Electric Dragonfly):

Rajaa al-Sanea (author of “The Girls of Riyadh”. From The New York Observer):

Anne Sexton (a stunningly beautiful poet with stunningly hideous problems. From From The Vault Radio):

Zadie Smith (who needs no introduction, really. From The Institute of Contemporary Arts):

Frank Lampard of Chelsea F.C. (from Defected):

Michael Essien, also of Chelsea F.C. (for those of you keeping up with football this week, you may now have a good idea as to what team I am rooting for. From Bloggers Music):

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, another noted author (who, once upon a time was severely overlooked by some folks… folks who ought to be eating crow. From Jamati Online.):

And, last but never least, Mr. Orlando f*ckin’ Bloom (star of the improbable film known as “Kingdom of Hotness” in rarefied circles. From… crap, can’t find the source of picture. Whups.):

And now, back to cockroach pus!

5 thoughts on “Pictures of Beautiful People, the May Edition

  1. I’ve always thought Catherine Deneuve was beautiful. My husband has an employee who’s a dead ringer for Helen Mirren.

    Funny that you put cockroaches and beautiful people in the post. We have these things we call palmetto bugs, actually 3 inch long nearly-black cockroaches that crawl on the sides of the house and fly down your cleavage. Yes, it’s traumatic.

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