Vanity: pictures of Natalia Antonova (me)

This is for everyone who thinks my blog is shallow. Haw haw.

OK, I’m beset by evil saber-toothed cockroaches, I dreamed of going to Kiev this month and reading Akhmatova among the tulips, and now that this didn’t work out, I am sad, and have writer’s block, and feel like being vain. I also wish to correct the fact that Google image search spits out a picture of the pregnant Monica Bellucci before any of my other pictures. It’s a beautiful shot, but I’m not a pregnant Monica Bellucci, and do not wish to confuse the future generations. Also, the banner on this blog presently makes me look way too emo, spreading even more inaccuracy.

So here I am (rock you like a hurricane?):

I look less like me in this picture and more like a friendly reject from the sort of comic book that will never be made into a crappy blockbuster (thank you, PhotoBooth), but this picture perfectly conveys my life in Dubai.

It was a bit like living on Tatooine.

By contrast, this is me in Jordan:

A war-weary commando, posing with her trusty weapon (dear makers of PifPaf, please make all checks payable to Natalia “Widowmaker” Antonova). They don’t make scarves with dead cockroaches on them, but a scarf with skulls will suffice in spreading terror in the hearts of the enemies. Or so I hope.

All of this is not to say that I am unhappy. On the contrary. Life has a good rhythm overall, and work on the magazine is good (if a little bit tiring as of late). I miss North Carolina, but it’s the people and the nature I miss, not the good old days. It was time to do something new.

“And all I ask is a merry yarn from a laughing fellow-rover.”
-John Masefield

19 thoughts on “Vanity: pictures of Natalia Antonova (me)

  1. I third the lovely eyes! and a lovely can. If you were holding two I could have made a funnier “lovely cans” comment, but so it goes… 🙂

  2. LOL. That’ll be my next assignment. The War with the Cockroaches is far from over, I’m afraid.

    Plus, I will (hopefully) have new hair to demonstrate next week.

  3. You have the most gorgeous eyes, but they also seem to say that if some fool messes with you, (s)he’s going to get served. I appreciate that.

  4. For some reason your first picture made me go look up the video for “take on me” on Youtube. BTW, the skull scarf rocks

  5. I’m so jealous of photogenic people! Whenever I try to take a picture of myself, it comes out all like blaaargh. Anyway, let me join the chorus and say that your eyes are fantastic. Also, skully scarf gets an A+.

    Could I ask what you’re up to in Amman?

  6. “See, if only the cockroaches would look into my eyes and feel that…! Thank you. :)”

    Maybe you should try the hearts and minds approach that Bush and Cheney are working on next door?

  7. I, too, am going to jump in here to say that you have stunning eyes. You’re pretty, but those eyes just absolutely jump out and grab you. I have piercing blue eyes as well, so I am perhaps a bit more sensitive to everyone talking about that one attribute. 😉

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