Gratuitous Hot Man-Butt Of the Week

Is brought to you by Stephen Moyer and the lush, goofy, awesome wickedness of “True Blood.” For more gratuitous hotness, check out the Top 10 Male Nude Scenes of 2008 (how could I have missed this before? Bad, very bad of me. A true disappointment to the followers of the “Harem”). I’m just glad thatContinue reading “Gratuitous Hot Man-Butt Of the Week”

The Curious Case of Tom Cruise and the Eyepatch

I’ve never been attracted to Tom Cruise. He always hung around the sidelines, going “heyyy Natalia, what’s up?” And I’ve been going, “Tom, honey, no. You’re a swell, charming actor, you really are. But you also kind of scare me. And the phrase ‘devoted Scientologist’ just doesn’t fill me with profound awe.” And he’d go,Continue reading “The Curious Case of Tom Cruise and the Eyepatch”

Man of the Moment – Jamie Parker!

Because we’ve had enough negativity here today – here’s the awesome Jamie Parker, who was great in the “The History Boys” and even made “Valkyrie” somewhat OK, along with the likes of Eddie Izzard and Bill Nighy (not to go off on a tangent here, but Tom Cruise had, what, maybe one or two genuinelyContinue reading “Man of the Moment – Jamie Parker!”

The Fainting Couch: Lessons in Public Humiliation

I went to renew my visa today and after having found my way outside, I had to stand with my head against a tree. My boyfriend, noticing that I was very pale and probably not having some Silvan Elf moment, bought me a can of Sprite from a cornershop presided over by a young womanContinue reading “The Fainting Couch: Lessons in Public Humiliation”

Feminist Mommy Wars: Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

This post is going to get heavy in a moment, but before we get in to all that, here’s a gratuitous picture of hot dad Hugh Jackman being hot whilst playing with one of his kids at the beach. This picture fills me with all sorts of confusing, pervy feelings – do I want HughContinue reading “Feminist Mommy Wars: Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss”