Man of the Moment – Jamie Parker!

picture from MSN Movies
picture from MSN Movies

Because we’ve had enough negativity here today – here’s the awesome Jamie Parker, who was great in the “The History Boys” and even made “Valkyrie” somewhat OK, along with the likes of Eddie Izzard and Bill Nighy (not to go off on a tangent here, but Tom Cruise had, what, maybe one or two genuinely good moments in that entire movie? I’m not really a Cruise fan, but I think he’s brilliant when he wants to be and/or when he is allowed to be, and that was just… ngah).

The best thing about Jamie Parker so far? The way he says the word “poetry” in “The History Boys.” You’re going to say, “oh it’s just due to the regional accent,” and I’m going to say no, it ain’t (though I love the regional accent). He’s hilarious in his role and I’m glad that Hollywood is paying some attention. You’re going to say – “but Hollywood will take a good thing and spoil it,” and I will say, “not always.” Well, let’s hope not, anyway. Let’s hope that Parker and the adorable mole on his chin are not just going places – but going to damn good places.

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