Post me some pictures of Beautiful Women

One of the most popular posts in the Russian blogosphere (hipsters have warned me to stay away from the word “blogosphere” – I warn hipsters to stay away from me) as of late was a simple “post pictures of women you consider beautiful” on some dude’s LiveJournal. The author later revealed that he was betting on a bottle of Hennessy – in order to determine whether his readers prefer blondes. Statistically, they did not, and he won.

The user has moved on to requesting pictures of pretty men (not because he’s “interested,” you see, but just because the lovely ladies asked) – and I am in my element there. It seems that almost everyone in Russia loves Johny Depp and Hugh Laurie – but where the hell are David Tennant, Naveen Andrews, or, for that matter, Chekhov? I was the first to post their pictures (though not before darling boyfriend’s).

However, the question of pretty women is something I rather thought I’d participate in on my own turf. So, I’m going to list some of the women I find fetching, and perhaps you can post pictures, or links, in the comments section. Or else just tell me that I have no taste (but please don’t hurt my feelings too much today, I’m all alone, trapped in Ukraine without Boyfriend, and want to cry enough already).

Here we go (with apologies in regards to copyrighted stuff, et al – not that I think anyone is going to sue me just yet, but still):

Bette Davis:




Women in uniform (these are Soviet soldiers of the WWII era):


Michelle Yeoh (ever since Crouching Tiger, baby):


Vasundhara Das:

vasundhara das

Niloufar Pazira:

Niloufar Pazira

And, of course, Monica Bellucci:

monica pregnant

29 thoughts on “Post me some pictures of Beautiful Women

  1. angela basset, gina gershon, pam anderson, pink, joan jett…all women I think are lovely!

  2. Pam Anderson, for me, is one of those people who looks a whole lot better now that she’s got some wrinkles.

    Camryn Manheim’s great. She always gets overlooked. Thanks for remembering her.

  3. A friend of mine is in Turkey, where WordPress is *still* banned – but she’s sending some classics my way through Facebook: Charlize Theron, Audrey Hepburn, and Juliette Binoche.

  4. Angelina Jolie goes without saying.

    Is there an opposite of Condi Rice? (She’d be so much better if she wasn’t snarling in every photo.)

    The lovely Natalia herself has, objectively speaking, one of the most photograph-worthy faces I know: cheekbones, eyes and nose are all especially nice.

    I’ll keep thinking.

  5. Heh heh.

    I have a friend who has another friend who looks a lot like Condoleeza Rice – I guess you don’t see it right away, because of the startling difference in facial expressions. Although, say what you will about Rice – I *do* like her footwear quite a bit.

  6. Jennifer Connolly – first and foremost

    As much as her acting annoys me – Natalie Portman

  7. You know, Mark, Khaled *will* be in the States next month…. dum dum dum (inside joke, everybody).

    I think Nicole Kidman is amazingly beautiful. And Salma Hayek would be on my list as well.

    Jennifer Connolly has the best eyebrows. But she looks somewhat tragic. And makes me think sad thoughts. Perhaps I’m the only one with this problem? 😉

  8. New mention – Ingrid Bergman

    I agree on most of the others – although Nicole Kidman has something off for me.

  9. The women I love are beautiful, especially my mum and sister. I tried to come out with some new faces but actually I find it difficult because it depends so much on the momentum: an actress in a touching role can be beautiful eventhough she is not a “beauty” in a technical way and this goes with all the women you meet in life (ie a blowing pregnant woman, a woman in love, etc.). As per beauty as such I vote for Monica Belluci, she is beauty, sin and arrogance… annoying really 🙂

  10. Maggie Q. Those damn halfies are so ridiculously beautiful. And my mom, because well, there’s really no one more beautiful than her in the world! 🙂

  11. I love the most beautiful Nose of the tamil/malayalam film actress Nayanatara. Gopika also possess a very beautiful Nose. Similarly Aswini Nachappa of kannada possess a very beautiful and big Nose with round shaped nostrils. However she also posses a pair of excellent bulging beautiful breasts.

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