Goodbye Paul Newman, Goodbye Blue Eyes

While I was busy hopping planes and reading Orthodox prayers at dangerous altitudes, Paul Newman passed away. He was a sex symbol way before I was even born, leading most of my friends to diagnose my crush on him as a symptom of raging insecurities. In some ways, I suppose my friends were correct. ButContinue reading “Goodbye Paul Newman, Goodbye Blue Eyes”

Renfro, Ledger, It’s Been Nice

I was in the middle of writing Heath Ledger’s obit when I realized that Brad Renfro died last week. Somehow, I had missed the news of Renfro’s death. Two of my teenage crushes gone in one fell swoop. Bizarrely, I had their pictures tacked up side-by-side on my closet door at one point. My bedroomContinue reading “Renfro, Ledger, It’s Been Nice”