S(ex)ual intercourse – the Wikipedia entry (pun intended)

Oh Wiki, you shameless prude. Vaginal sexual intercourse, also called coitus is the human form of copulation. While its primary evolutionary purpose is the reproduction and continued survival of the human species, it often is performed exclusively for pleasure. I’m not really sure about the pleasure part, considering the fact that I once took aContinue reading “S(ex)ual intercourse – the Wikipedia entry (pun intended)”

“Unfeigning Masculinity”

Hokay. So. The awesome, awesome Gerard Butler fans (I tip my hat and snap my stocking to these ladies) recently did this interview with the man himself. Putting aside the general issues of hotness, Hollywood, and historical accuracy, Gerry Butler had this to say about the way in which the film “300” may appeal toContinue reading ““Unfeigning Masculinity””

Gratuitous Harem-and-Kultur-Blogging: The Spartan Edition

In case anyone thought I was done… Or in case anyone was wondering if I was interested in saving the last shreds of my credibility… Gerard Butler – The barrister who became an actor. The actor who became Natalia’s Blog’s Harem Hero. The Harem Hero who… I have no idea how to finish this. Help?Continue reading “Gratuitous Harem-and-Kultur-Blogging: The Spartan Edition”