Gratuitous Harem-and-Kultur-Blogging: The Spartan Edition

In case anyone thought I was done… Or in case anyone was wondering if I was interested in saving the last shreds of my credibility…

gerry baby

Gerard Butler – The barrister who became an actor. The actor who became Natalia’s Blog’s Harem Hero. The Harem Hero who… I have no idea how to finish this. Help?

Seriously now.

What makes the actual trailers for “300” special has less to do with actual hotness, and a whole lot more to do with storytelling through image and sound. As an aspiring storyteller, I have to say – the previews themselves create a brilliant drama within the space of a couple of minutes. Friends who work in graphic design/advertising pretty much say the same thing – “If I was part of that, I could die happy.”

This is an advertisement at its best – in its magic, it reminds me of Luc Besson’s Chanel commercial (which is basically a classic). There is delicious, jarring dissonance between its three major components – ancient history, CGI, and Nine Inch Nails. The sexual component is a kind of garnish. The thing is an achievement – a whole lot more Oscar-worthy than, say, the entire “Titanic.”

And this may very well turn out to be one of those films that, no matter how its actual scenes are strung together, will be looked upon as a kind of breakthrough in genre – because it strove so valiantly to combine comic book art and commercial action film flair. Whether or not the storyline holds up to scrutiny… Well, by the time March 9th rolls around – I suspect it won’t matter much. People like me – we will always have the trailers.

10 thoughts on “Gratuitous Harem-and-Kultur-Blogging: The Spartan Edition

  1. Holy…SHIT!!!!!

    I’m so jazzed for this film I about lost myself!!!!

    This is a teaser! STUDIOS TAKE NOTE!!!!

  2. On my little side note, I finally watched Little Miss Sunshine, and it just rocked my world.

    I totally want her sweet moves.

  3. Yeah, I’ve been hot for 300 for weeks now.

    LMS was great – I wonder if the little girl will win that Oscar. …. And will she scream “iwoniwoniwoniwoniwon” for her acceptance speech?

  4. I really didn’t get the big deal about LMS. I laughed only about twice the entire film. It was a mishmash of previously-tried ideas with minor twists on old themes…

    And it just wasn’t funny!

  5. I know you didn’t like it, ha ha, but you also have no soul 😉

    Admit it Rann, you danced a little super-freaky after that. Ha ha.

  6. I suppose I also don’t find ‘Kids Say the Darndest Things’ funny because I have no soul…

    Really, it was on that level.

  7. ok, ok, Kids (are told to) Say the Darndest Things and Their Relative is Depressed and Reads Proust.

    Much better…

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