Creepy Search Items

Almost every blog owner has a menagerie of search items that are funny, surprising, or disturbing (disturbingly dumb, disturbingly weird, and so on). These are a few recent ones, in no particular order:

Fr(e)e s(nu)ff

Fr(e)e s(nu)ff fi(lm)s – in case any of us were in doubt

Russian w(ho)re

Veil prevents ra(pe)

f(uc)k natalia – no thanks

d(ir)ty + c(ek)c + pic – More, ah, compliments to us Slavs

I’m going to have a shower now. For obvious reasons.

5 thoughts on “Creepy Search Items

  1. Ecch! Sick stuff.

    I think I find “veil prevents rape” the saddest one. I worry it’s a young Muslim woman, hoping to find someone telling her “Oh yes, you just put that on and everything will be fine, and nothing bad will ever happen to you.”

    Sigh. If it worked that way I’d wear one myself.

  2. You’re right.

    That particular search item (whether or not it reflects the opinion of the person who punched it in – God knows, I search for weird stuff all the time) – is insidiously disturbing. There is an entire school of thought behind it – and it’s not particularly pleasant.

  3. Yucks! The search terms are creepy! I think you should have a screen shot instead of the text. You don’t want to see them again, right?

    Now, I have to shower again.

  4. lovely.

    i have to admit, “veil prevents rape” had me thinking in a slightly different direction. no less creepy, but a bit more “huh? what?”

  5. Guys, you don’t get it. Veils work.

    Because apparently our hair is so sexy that it gives Arab-Muslim men boners. That’s why we have to cover ourselves, because it’s “inappropriate” for other men to find us sexy. Not that we can help being damned sexy. We can’t show off our awesome hair and skin because “OMG UR SO HAWT” which of course justifies “rape.”

    So when we go to the police station and say “wtf I just got raped” they’ll be like “lol told you to wear a veil, young lady! Your fault.”

    Because when we put that veil on then, bam, we’re invisible! No man can touch me now, bitch!

    Seriously, our societies are damned in that sense. Arab-Muslim perverts come up to young women all the time and say, “wear a veil, otherwise you are inviting us to be attracted to you and bad things can happen as a result of that” (i.e, rape, I mean, SURPRISE SEX!)

    Yes, it’s our fault that they can’t control their penises.

    I wish they’d just fuck off into weary salutations and go to hell. I hope women won’t put up with this shit anymore. Like a ghetto skank once said on Jerry Springer, “whateva, whateva, I do wha’ I want! You don’ own me biatch!”

    Not that I’m one of those ghetto skanks or anything. I just quote them all the time.

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