Well-mannered frivolity

Because things have been intense around here. 

My hair’s Gone Dark (like the horizons of human enlightenment). I was blond two years ago, and a redhead the year before, and now I’m a brunette. I must say, I like this metamorphosis of mine the best. Dark hair + pale skin + blue eyes = I feel glamorous enough to step out of the house with no rouge on, because my face glows all on its own.

I have decided that I am one of those unoriginal women with a thing for Erast Fandorin. The fact that my previous literary obsession was Sherlock Holmes says a lot about my tastes – although I have to say, Fandorin shows an overall improvement in my emotional health. There is something a whole lot more available about Fandorin, for one thing.

Speaking of literature – why is it that it’s not OK to admit in polite company that you think Chekhov was more than just a genius, he was also a bit of a darrrling as far as looks went? Academics have had a field-day with Chekhov’s personal life, they owe him that much.

Meanwhile, I hate, hate, hate being away from people I love. Life is far too short for this, really (and even before it runs out, arthritis and dementia set in, and what is there left to do?).

10 thoughts on “Well-mannered frivolity

  1. I agree–living away from loved ones is a death in itself. It’s the drawback to traveling, moving, etc. You make friends and inevitably leave them and somewhere is your family but you’re not there.

  2. Must get pic — this sounds hot. P.S. I feel sad. You know write me back 😦

    P.P.S. Have real column for you if you’re interested.

  3. Agreed on all account, including Chekhov’s stunning looks. I thought all the silence on this matter was because nobody else thought so…

  4. T, but your comment is right there! It just went into moderation, that’s all. Is out now. Please do send me column. Why you sad?

    Chekhov was extremely good-looking…

    …Almost as good-looking as Anna.

    Oh, yeah, and moving and traveling and seeing the world is super-duper exciting… I just wish it didn’t have drawbacks. I want to have my cake and eat it too.

  5. Let you eat cake! I’d make a great french queen. And that did not come out right at all. I need sleep (as you can probably tell by now). Glad you’re having fun!

  6. I am also a huge Holmes fan, and still read all his stories every few years. And you look much better than Checkov to me 🙂

    Peace and Mysteries!

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