I can out-drool Ali Eteraz

Blogger-buddy Ali sometimes comes under fire for showing his appreciation for women he deems attractive. In another post, Ali writes of said appreciation thus:

…there is a fine line between visual appreciation and aesthetic worship celebration of a woman… and all out mauling and attacking of her actual physical body. I believe the former is a spiritual act; the latter is a carnal one.

I’d like to take this opportunity to say that all the posts tagged in the “Harem” catergory of my own blog channel spiritual acts as well. Sure, people might say that my sincere aesthetic admiration of certain physiological features cocked, of glistening abdominal muscle, as well as nearly surgical precision – are merely cheap imitations of Perez Hilton, a couple of bricks in the shrine of the eternal celebrity cult.

Bitch, please.

Beauty brings us closer to God. And beauty is no prisoner to the male gaze. From the banner of this blog to the deepest recesses of my immortal soul – I am staring at you, fellas, in a good way.

“Shadows and dust,” Gladiator said. I say: “Sweetness and light.” 😉

9 thoughts on “I can out-drool Ali Eteraz

  1. Omigod! What a weird coincidence! We were watching Syriana last night!!! And you’re right, he’s damn fine in a dishdasha. Oh, and it’s really strange to think of his career in terms of Star Trek. I was actually thinking about that when I saw Kingdom of Hotness (Orland Bloom, Ghassan Massoud, Khaled el Nabaoui, etc.).

    J, Ali can answer for himself as to what he meant, though I think I know the answer myself – and it did make me think about beauty and spirituality. And there you have it. If you don’t like it, no one’s forcing you to stare at a monitor with a gun next to your temple (are they?).

  2. Now, don’t jump the gun, N! (& Sorry about the incident you related elsewhere. Apparently has made a big impression on you. Hope you can erase it from your mind. Try holding it in your mind; slip into the other role. And then ask N. to forgive you.)

    Any Who, there was no allusion to compulsion; just precisely what was written. & in any event, you had ref’d two essays, and in one worship is crossed and replaced with appreciation by Ali. Rather honest of him and excellent sign of an aspect of his Islam. So it wasn’t your catch; it was my miss.

    [p.s. Name corrected.]

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