On a hot Marxist we know

On a lighter note: Because I need to laugh, dammit

“hey frend, you is marxist, plees share yourself with everybody.”

– Anna.

Indeed. If you’re hot, and you’re a Marxist, you need to learn to spread the wealth.

Not everyone on this good Earth was priveleged enough to be born with stunning eyes and chiseled features and an amazing physique. There are people out there who are deprived of these luxuries in the worst possible way.

The least an obliging revolutionary can do is showcase himself to the needy masses.

Protest society’s obsession with over-priced designer gear by running around in the nude! Or something…

3 thoughts on “On a hot Marxist we know

  1. Natalia, I gave up on Marxism years ago and besides running in the nude can be very uncomfortable. There are certain areas of your body where chafing is a very bad thing.

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

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