In honour of the scheduled Blu-ray release of LotR

(Yeah, I know it’s not the Extended Edition yet, and that they’re milking this for all its worth, but human beings need to take happiness where they can get it)

I present you with epicness:

Pretty boys together, just as they should be. Always.

I’ll never forget the winter I saw FotR seven times. I was a virgin back then, ya’ll. My hair was long and unfashionable. There was a little blue eye on a chain that hung off my rear-view mirror. I liked that winter, because I had complete certainty that my life was great. I have the same certainty this time around as well, regardless of any bullshit, I just can’t trudge to the theater through the snow to see Gandalf light up Dwarrowdelf while the heart in my chest fizzes like an Alka-Seltzer.

You and me, G, and Aragorn, and Legolas, we’re all older. I think we love each other more because of the fact.