In honour of the scheduled Blu-ray release of LotR

(Yeah, I know it’s not the Extended Edition yet, and that they’re milking this for all its worth, but human beings need to take happiness where they can get it) I present you with epicness: Pretty boys together, just as they should be. Always. I’ll never forget the winter I saw FotR seven times. IContinue reading “In honour of the scheduled Blu-ray release of LotR”

Cormac McCarthy’s “faux-arty machismo”? Say what?

Iker Casillas begs to differ. So Stephanie Zacharek used her review of the film adaptation of The Road to bash the original source material. There’s no accounting for taste, but does Cormac McCarthy really have a “he-man streak”? And even if he does… why is that bad? I rarely agree with Zacherek’s reviews, though IContinue reading “Cormac McCarthy’s “faux-arty machismo”? Say what?”