How “300” Spartans Drop-Kicked Me Down the Rabbit Hole

Modern-day storytellers are circumscribed by reductivism. Adopt a classical method – and you’re out of touch, a coward channeling a bunch of unfashionable dead white guys. Adopt a classical method and innovative technology – you are not merely out of touch, you are also a corporate whore. This is the problem with much of theContinue reading “How “300” Spartans Drop-Kicked Me Down the Rabbit Hole”

“300” – Reaction & Review.

“300” is popular because it combines a classic narrative and a revolutionary technique. The story – related by an Ancient Greek for Ancient Greeks, mind you – is an invocation of a true myth: bloody, biased, sexual, exaggerated, and morally ambiguous. This myth is channeled by Miller and Snyder into lovingly constructed bursts of imagesContinue reading ““300” – Reaction & Review.”

Because this is more fun than writing my own reviews

Oh what the hell – I’ll link to Stephanie Zacharek’s review of “300.” The world may wonder which character in this computer-generated extravaganza is President Bush’s stand-in — but that’s the wrong question to ask. Yes. But the film has a poreless, waxen quality, as if all sensuality had been P.airbrushed out of it: TheContinue reading “Because this is more fun than writing my own reviews”

Tonight We Dine On Spilt Milk

Just because it’s fun to rip apart the other end of the spectrum… Here is my (cheeky) take on Slate’s review of “300” (I’m not linking to it – they rot enough people’s brains as it is): “A Movie Only a Spartan Could Love” But tell us how you really feel about the unwashed masses,Continue reading “Tonight We Dine On Spilt Milk”