Mary Lambert. “Mary.” “Lamb.” Clues they are missing.

So an 81-year old woman named Mary Lambert (of all things!) was fired from teaching Sunday school by her Baptist church, because:

First Timothy Two, 11-14: A woman should learn in quietness and full submission. I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man, she must be silent

Now our local religious provocateur, Bart Ehrman, might have a few things to say about that, but I’ll limit myself to pointing out that the Biblical scholarship and its intepretations has been tampered with so much by wingnuts of different eras (sorry, Phil, that’s, just, like, my opinion, man), that Lambert ought to pick herself up by her bootstraps, not pay attention to the people who fired her, and find a new church.

It’s their loss.

But hey, I see a fabulous plan taking shape. Fire ALL female teachers in this country, watch the education system collapse, and edge us just a teeny bit closer to that much awaited Rapture, yes, the one that all those smug bumper-stickers are busy proclaiming (“In case of rapture this car will be unmanned”? – What kind of a presumptuous ass are you?).

4 thoughts on “Mary Lambert. “Mary.” “Lamb.” Clues they are missing.

  1. Yeah, I’ve seen those.

    My mother once recounted speaking to a woman who thought the aurora borealis was a sign of the rapture. She stopped her car on the side of the road and got out (with her children) just in case it was angels coming to take her away. The. Aurora. Borealis. I wish I had been there to here her tell this story….

  2. I think that would be great! “Now, we ladies just don’t feel that making pot luck lunches for all you men after Sun service is appropriate…we don’t really feel we belong in the chuch. You all need to take over the laundry, the greeting, the chorus, the hospitality, etc. and we’ll just sleep in.”

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