The Blogger of the Baskervilles

I don’t read Althouse, because I value my brain cells.

I had to pop over and have a look, though, when Ms. Althouse accused a prominent feminist blogger of… what exactly?

Oh, of having breasts.

As a feminist blogger who also happens to be a fan of nude painting I was, naturally, pissed off.

Of course, this issue is political, and the real problem has to do with the fact that said prominent feminist blogger attended a luncheon with Bill Clinton. I’m not necessarily a huge fan of Clinton’s character myself. Like most people, I know him by reputation and television appearances (a good friend and former track coach of mine used to work as a journalist and met Clinton on several occasions. Her exact verdict, now that I actually dug it up: “He’s extremely charming, he lights up the room, which is why he may be a danger to a young woman.”), but I did like his politics. I think discussing the current feminist issues in this country and whether or not Clinton is an asset is a good thing. Let’s get serious, meeting an ex-president is an honour for most people, myself included.

Ann Althouse isn’t interested in discussion. She wants to berate Jessica of Feministing in a manner that attacks her gender and her body, not her politics. Notice that she says nothing about the guy whose hands a slightly over his crotch in the picture. And even if she did, so bloody what? Short of wearing a burkha (which most Western women, including hypocrite Althouse, do not usually wear), a person’s shape is bound to come be visible in one way or another. Why aren’t we berating Ann Coulter for this little black dresses of hers again?

Not to mention the fact that one of Ann Althouse’s gems include the following bizarre line:

Look closely at that picture and try to adopt the posture Jessica’s in. I did. It’s not natural…

Wow, she actually went through all that trouble? And I thought I had no life… Seriously, people do actually pose in pictures. Posing does not imply “natural.” I never thought I would have to explain that to anyone, but you live and learn.

I read the comments on the Althouse blog, and realized that casting pearls before swine and trying to respond to this in a serious manner would be a waste of my time and hers. Ann did post a hilarious “retort” to my trolling:

“…that’s completely incoherent. What the hell are you trying to say? Ever heard of proofreading… and, uh, like, thinking? And that reading thing too. I kinda like you know recommend it.”

Shortly afterward, she closed her comments. The truth hurts.

Dear Ann, “saying” anything to you is beneath me at this point. Do tell me how that job-interview with the Taliban goes. And for God’s sake, irony is not your strong-point.

3 thoughts on “The Blogger of the Baskervilles

  1. I’ve never read Ann Althouse before. Is this her normal style? That was just about the cattiest thing I’ve ever read from start to finish.

  2. Man, reading all that was such a waste of time, and much like gawking at a traffic accident. I must be bored. From many of those comments one would expect an extremely ugly woman with gargantuan breasts, dressed in a halter top and hot pants. Finally viewing the picture was like stepping into a whole different world… one completely removed from the storm of hyper sexism on Althouse’s blog

    Poor Jessica, her crime seems to be being young and female.

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