Keisha Castle-Hughes

The young woman who plays the Virgin Mary in the upcoming “Nativity Story” is unmarried, dating a 19 year old guy, and, at 16, pregnant.

The press reports that the Vatican does not want the actor to attend the film’s screening. I am not entirely sure if the reports are true, because she is actually on location, filming in another country, but both the studio and the religious establishment could be trying to avoid some embarrassment there. Either way, the rumours have already started.

It’s pretty damn brave for a woman who plays the world’s most famous virgin to admit to the fact that she is pregnant and unmarried, and has no immediate plans to get married. I have a feeling that the majority of our pre-packaged movie stars would have had a quiet abortion, and denied it all with a big, sugary smile on their faces. I don’t think that having a kid while you are yourself a kid is such a hot idea, but she obviously made her choice, and to hell with what the mighty studio may think.

Now the debates have started – will her pregnancy impact ticket sales, what’s going to happen to her career, etc. All publicity is good publicity, though. Unless, of course, you’re OJ.

She’s an Oscar-nominee with a support network. I think she’ll make it. I just hope they don’t turn her into some baby-faced anti-abortion poster child, because, frankly, most teenagers out there at not nearly as lucky as she is.

5 thoughts on “Keisha Castle-Hughes

  1. I didn’t even realize she was still acting… I loved her in “Whale Rider” but it had been my impression that was a one shot deal for her.

  2. Tena koe ehoa
    Yes healingmagichands is right in her assumption!
    KCH is a very mature girl for her age and the whanau support she has, will endavour to help her through the years ahead, regardless of what decision/s she makes.
    Debates such as what will follow KCH from announcing her pregenacuy is no different from the debates that have been raised throughout mans history.
    Henore he kororia ki te wahine Keisha

  3. “Wait a minute. Wasn’t Mary an unmarried and pregnant teenager when Joseph jumped in to save her bacon and make an “honest woman” out of her????””

    Exactly, just like false rape charges, the whole “Yahweh knocked me up” was just a phony cover story to save Mary face.

    Anyhow, what a GREAT role model for all those young Christian girls out there now…LMAO!

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