Based on the sorry way in which 2006 went. Boy am I glad that farking year is over.

Never drink aga… Nah.Take full responsibility for personal finances, which include, but are not limited to, an enormous student debt, excessive food expenditures, and current lack of freelance jobs. No more waiting to be rescued by people who have no interest in rescuing me.Do at least twenty freelance assignments each season.Finish the writing project I started. No more nancying about due “artistic insecurity” and other pointless crap. I am in charge of my own career. I and no other.Stop switching directions each time a new writing style beckons seductively.Stop being so damn afraid of meeting new people. Case in point: Last night I was pretty much dead-set against going to the party with the actors: “Oh they won’t like me, oh I’ll have to impress them, oh it will be terrible.” I’ve had the best damn New Year’s Eve in the entire history of my pathetic little life, surrounded by strangers. If I had stayed within the safety net of people well-known to me, I would have watched cheap pop shows on the television and gone to bed, stuffed and stiff-jointed and bored, around 3 a.m. I have, as of now, seen the light.Smile each time the alarm wakes me up in the morning. Smile and say, “thank you, God, for allowing me to take a job which humbles me greatly.”Never allow myself to run out of seamed stockings, or live without a good pair of pumps.Take more walks.Learn to cook.Be good. Be good. Be good.

11 thoughts on “Resolutions

  1. I like the one about the party last night. I am the same way and was invited to a party, but didn’t want to go because I was afraid I wouldn’t know alot of the people there.

    Your description of how your night would have gone sounded alot like the way my night did go.

    Happy New Year!!

  2. Does it involve things like commitment and philanthropy and kindness?
    Because noone has a problem with those things in principle but in practice? They’re just so damn… right and mature. It sickens the heart.


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