Dishing on Dinesh

I haven’t discussed Dinesh D’Souza on this blog (or my previous blog) – mainly because going after him is sort of like going after Paris Hilton. It’s easy, it’s obvious and anyway, you know he loves the attention.

Following the release of his new book, however, I can no longer contain myself. D’Souza, you see, has joined the knitting circle that includes such luminaries as Jerry Fallwel, in claiming that the “cultural left” ought to be blamed for 9/11. Amanda Marcotte rightfully calls him out on his appeasement strategies – I mean, Chamberlain and Hitler, anyone? It’s one thing to say – there are things happening in this country I do not agree with (I say this all the time, although not in reference to the tiny percentage of married gay couples). It’s quite another thing to say, and I quote his Salon interview:

“Well, put it this way — if what the radical Muslims said was totally wrong, it would not convince anybody. An argument only works if it contains some element of truth.”

I see. This explains the Salem Witch Trials perfectly; the witch-burners were right all along! After all, their community agreed with them! Ditto for Hitler, Stalin, Ghengis-fuckin’-Khan. Basking in the brilliance of Dinesh sure enables one to see an entirely new, exciting version of history. Wow. I feel as if my life has been changed.

D’Souza takes a potentially interesting topic, how the Middle East and South Asia see the U.S., and turns into a very unfunny sort of joke. If I was a conservative, I’d probably be moving very far, far away from him right now.

2 thoughts on “Dishing on Dinesh

  1. Colbert knocked him around quite a bit the other day. It’s funny that he calls himself a “traditional American” with a name like Dinesh D’Souza.

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