One thought on “Something else I’ve decided to get involved with

  1. Thanks so much for being involved. I promise that your work there will be rewarding. I will try my best to make that place as reliable as possible in the future, and I believe it will be if I keep doing my research and going out of my way to conduct interviews with both victims and criminals.

    Regarding your first post on the site, I have a similar type of attachment to this issue. When I went to Bosnia, and said I’m from Bahrain, a girl told me “Bahrain? In the Gulf? Many of my girlfriends are there.”

    And I was thinking, “Really? What for?”

    She said, “unwillingly… you don’t know? Your region is where many girls from this country are illegally smuggled into. We don’t ever accept job offers from strangers because we think we’ll end up there too.” I don’t think I’ve ever been so embarrassed in my life. That my country is being recognized for criminal behavior. More than embarrassed, I was disgusted at the lack of attention being pointed towards this.

    When I went back, indeed this was a horrific problem that we are so blind to. If it wasn’t for my trip to Bosnia, I wouldn’t even know that the building 4 minutes away from me was being used to rape and torture girls that are even younger than I am. I couldn’t bare to stand it any longer. I think something must be done. This website, while not a solution, is a start.

    Thanks for being involved again. I really appreciate your help there. I hope you’ll contribute whenever you can.

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